SIG in the Netherlands

SIG Benelux has national coverage in the Netherlands, with no fewer than nine branches. Our customers and SIG shops are supplied from distribution centers in Waalwijk and Nieuwegein. In our shops, customers can collect products, from our distribution centers we deliver products to the location indicated by our customers, such as construction sites.

Our web shops, where our customers can order materials 24/7, play an important role. We are setting our sights on an ideal branch of the future. In this SIG branch, which covers approximately 2,500 m2 , the specialist will find all our specialties under one roof. With a recognizable shop formula that makes life easy for both customers and suppliers. We also focus on logistical solutions from our warehouses in Waalwijk and Nieuwegein.

In Waalwijk is also the production location of Technical Insulation, specialised in the processing of all possible insulation materials. The company has many years of experience with all possible OEM requirements.

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